😍 ટનલમાં અટવાયેલા મજૂરો આવશે બહાર Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue


The laborers stuck in the tunnel will come out Uttarkashi Tunnel


The process of evacuating the laborers trapped in the tunnel at Silkyara in Uttarkashi is going on. Excavation in the tunnel has been completed.

Uttarkashi Tunnel
Uttarkashi Tunnel

800 mm diameter pipe has also been laid. An NDRF team has reached the laborers through a pipe. The team will help the laborers evacuate through the pipe. It is hoped that the laborers can be evacuated soon.


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Rescue teams have asked the families of the laborers to keep their clothes and bags ready. After evacuating the laborers, they will be taken to the hospital. NDRF team has reached inside Silkyara tunnel.

Rescue operation is in final stage. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami and Union Minister VK Singh are present at the rescue site. It should be stated here that a formal rescue announcement may be made at any time.

It should be mentioned here that one more pipe was pushed inside the tunnel some time ago.

After 17 days of trying, now that happy day has come. 41 laborers will come out of the tunnel. As soon as they come out, their vital parameters will be checked. BP, heart beat, sugar level of all laborers will be checked. Somewhere a laborer will be checked if he does not have hyper tension.

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ગુજરાતી લગ્ન કંકોત્રી, Marrige Kankotri made by phone just 2 minutes.

When we close our eyes for a while and go into the light, nothing is clearly visible. After a few minutes, the eyeballs can adjust to the light and then things become clearer. Now these laborers are trapped in the tunnel for the last 17 days. Where there is not enough light.

In this case, if they are not covered and brought out, their eyes will be blinded. They cannot see anything. In such a situation, an attempt will be made to adjust their eyes gradually with natural light. #😍 The laborers stuck in the tunnel will come out

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

How many workers are there in the state?

Uttarakhand 2

Himachal Pradesh 1

Uttar Pradesh 8

Bihar 5

West Bengal 3

Assam 2

Jharkhand 15

Odisha 5

These workers are trapped in the tunnel

Gabbar Singh Negi, Uttarakhand

Sabah Ahmed, Bihar

Sonu Shah, Bihar

Manir Talukdar, West Bengal

Sevik Pakhera, West Bengal

Akhilesh Kumar, U.P

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Jaydev Paramanik, West Bengal

Virendra Kisku, Bihar

Sapan Mandal, Odisha

Sushil Kumar, Bihar

Vishwajit Kumar, Jharkhand

Subodh Kumar, Jharkhand

Bhagwan Batra, Odisha

Ankit, U.P

Ram Milan, UP

Satyadev, U.P

Santosh, U.P

Jai Prakash, UP

Ram Sundar, Uttarakhand

Manjit, UP

Anil Bedia, Jharkhand

Shrejendra Bedia, Jharkhand

Sukram, Jharkhand

Tiku Sardar, Jharkhand

Gunodhar, Jharkhand

Ranjit, Jharkhand

Ravindra, Jharkhand

Sameer, Jharkhand

Special Hero, Odisha

Raju Nayak, Odisha

Mahadev, Jharkhand

Mudtu Murm, Jharkhand

Dhiren, Odisha

Chamra Orao, Jharkhand

Vijay Horo, Jharkhand

Ganapati, Jharkhand