DIABITIS CaARE INFORMATION, ડાયાબિટીસના દર્દીઓને અનુભવાય છે થાક ? તો આટલી વસ્તુનું રાખો ખાસ ધ્યાન.

DIABITIS CaARE INFORMATION: Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body either cannot use insulin correctly or does not produce enough of it.
Diabetes poses a significant risk for kidney and heart problems as well.
The body’s normal insulin levels maintain the balance of those sugars.

Observe these indicators first thing in the morning.

Diabetes symptoms: The number of Indians with diabetes has significantly increased in the last few years. Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the body either produces insufficient amounts of insulin or cannot use it correctly. Sugar levels rise as a result of the body’s lack of insulin, which is bad for the kidneys, skin, heart, eyes, and overall health.

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Although type 1 diabetes is more common in children, teens, and young adults, and type 2 diabetes is more common in adults over 40, diabetes can affect anyone at any age. Furthermore, there is a considerable chance that the illness will cause kidney and heart issues. INFORMATION ON DIABITIS CARE

Did you know that because our bodies maintain healthy insulin levels to keep our blood sugar levels balanced, we are all constantly fluctuating in our blood sugar levels without realizing it?

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In order to get our body ready for the day and increase its activity, our liver actually releases sugar into the blood. This explains why individuals with diabetes often wake up with elevated blood sugar levels and symptoms like dry mouth and throat, frequent nighttime urination, full bladder, blurred vision, and appetite.

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Many people may experience symptoms like boils, fungal infections, eye weakness, and fatigue before realizing they have diabetes. In this instance, it’s critical to monitor all of the physiological changes occurring and to start research and treatment as soon as possible to stop the illness from getting worse. INFORMATION ON DIABITIS CARE

આ માહિતી ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

Common symptoms of type 2 diabetes

extreme hunger,

sudden weight loss,

tingling in hands or feet,

feel tired,


dry skin,

gradual healing of wounds,

excessive thirst,

excessive urination, especially at night


hair fall

Common symptoms of type 1 diabetes


stomach pain,

Vomiting etc.

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