How To Add a Place in Google Maps?

How To Add a Place in Google Maps

Add a place

  1. On an Android phone or tablet, open the My Maps
  2. Open or create a map. A map can have up to 10,000 lines, shapes, or places.
  3. In the bottom right, tap Add and then Add a new point.
  4. Drag the map until the X is where it is desired to be, then tap Select this location.
  5. Give the added place a name and choose a layer. A layer can have 2,000 lines, shapes, or places.
  6. Tap Done

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Edit a place :

  1. On an Android phone or tablet, open the My Maps app
  2. Open or create a map.
  3. Tap the place that needs to be edited
  4. Tap Edit details
  5. Make the changes needed
  6. Optional: To move the point on the map, tap Edit. Then pan the point to the new location and tap Select this location.
  7. When finished, tap Done

How to Add a Place in Google Maps?

Adding a place to Google Maps is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to contribute and make a difference:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Account


To get started, ensure you are signed in to your Google Account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a new account for free.

Step 2: Open Google Maps

Access Google Maps by visiting the website or opening the mobile app on your device. The interface will display the map of your current location or the last location you searched for.

Step 3: Find the Location

Using the search bar at the top of the screen, enter the address or name of the location you want to add. Google Maps will display suggestions as you type, making it easier to find the exact place you’re looking for. Once you locate it, click or tap on the location marker to proceed.

Step 4: Add a Missing Place

If the place you’re looking for isn’t listed on Google Maps, you need to add it as a missing place. To do this, click or tap on the “Add a missing place” option. This will open a form for you to provide the necessary details.

Step 5: Provide Details

In this step, you’ll need to provide accurate information about the place you’re adding. Fill in the name, category (such as restaurant, hotel, or landmark), address, and contact details. The more precise and comprehensive the information, the better.

Step 6: Verify the Information

After entering the details, it’s important to ensure their accuracy. Double-check the name, address, and other information to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

Step 7: Submit the Place

Once you’ve verified the information, click or tap on the “Submit” button. This will send your contribution to Google for review. The review process may take some time, but rest assured that Google’s team will validate and update the information accordingly.

Search for places :

  1. Users can add restaurants, hotels, museums, and other public places to the map.
  2. On their Android phone or tablet, open the My Maps app
  3. Open or create a map.
  4. In the search bar, enter a place name or address.
  5. Tap one of the search results.
  6. If the result is what the user wants, tap Add to map.

Tips for Adding a Place

  • Be thorough: Provide as much relevant information as possible, including opening hours, website links, and photos.
  • Use official sources: When adding a business, refer to their official website or other reliable sources to gather accurate details.
  • Add photos: Including high-quality photos can make your contribution more valuable and appealing to others.

Benefits of Adding a Place

Adding a place in Google Maps offers numerous benefits. Firstly, you contribute to the accuracy and completeness of Google’s vast database, helping users find what they’re looking for. Secondly, you support local businesses by increasing their visibility and attracting potential customers. Lastly, you become part of a collaborative community that shares knowledge and facilitates exploration.


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