Now you can download Aadhaar card and PAN card from Whatsapp Whatsapp દ્વારા આધાર કાર્ડ અને PAN કાર્ડ કેવી રીતે ડાઉનલોડ કરવું?

Now you can download Aadhaar card and PAN card from Whatsapp How to download aadhar card and pan card through whatsapp? |
Step by step information to download Aadhaar and PAN card through whatsapp..

Aadhaar card
Aadhaar card

Aadhaar and PAN cards can now be downloaded via WhatsApp: Because of the daily advancements in technology, there are more facilities available today, saving people time and money while also accelerating work timelines.

The same technology that is being discussed here will be very helpful to everyone; the same work that used to take months to complete is now completed in minutes.

તમારું આધાર કાર્ડ કયા બેંક ખાતા સાથે લિંક થયેલું છે ચેક કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

આધારકાર્ડ સાથે બેંક એકાઉન્ટ લીંક છે કે નહી તે ચેક કરો આ રીતે

તમારા આધારકાર્ડ સાથે કયો મોબાઈલ નંબર લિંક છે જાણો અહીંથી

ઘરે બેઠા આધારકાર્ડ માં સુધારો કરો ઓનલાઈન આ રીતે જાણો માહિતી


Aadhaar and PAN cards can now be downloaded via WhatsApp: Here, you can use WhatsApp to download your family’s PAN and Aadhaar cards from your phone at home.

It’s completely safe and cost-free; there is no need to pay for it. Here, WhatsApp launches this feature completely free of charge.

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How can I use WhatsApp to download my Pan Card and Aadhar card?

Everyone is aware of the recent initiative launched by WhatsApp, and everyone will profit from this service.

The question now is, however, how we will use this facility via WhatsApp.Every reader must be wondering this, in which case the answers are provided.

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Step by step information to download Aadhaar and PAN card through whatsapp.

  1. You must first store the myGov helpdesk phone number, +91 9013151515, in your mobile device.

2. To get your Gov number to appear in WhatsApp, you must now open it and clear the contact list.

3. You now need to launch the MyGov chat window, type a hello, and send a message.

4. You will be able to choose between a DigiLocker or Kovin service with this chatbot.

5. Here, you must choose the DigiLocker service and press the “yes” button.

6. Helpdesk Right Now: You will be asked about your DigiLocker account by the chatbot.

7. After that, the 12-digit Aadhaar number you pay for will need to be linked to and authenticated by the chatbot for the DigiLocker account.

Next, input your Aadhaar number and proceed.

8. Your phone will now display an OTP, which you can register your mobile number by entering in the designated space.

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9. You’ll notice a link document containing the DigiLocker account in the chatbot list.

10. Options like Download, Type, and Send are now available to you.

whereby you can use the download option to get your PAN card and Aadhaar card as a PDF.

Download your E Adhar click here

Download  mAadhar app click here


Using WhatsApp on your smartphone at home, you can quickly download both your PAN and Aadhaar cards in PDF format.

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