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Your Magic Slate bolster a few different ways to draw and apply shading with brush strokes, you can utilize the brush apparatus to draw a stroke and furthermore utilize an alternate brush strokes, for example, external shine, inward sparkle, embellish and shapes, select the brush size instrument and modify the size of a brush.

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What is Magic Slate app?
Helps develop interest in painting and creative thinking. Now write and erase thousand times without getting worry for shaping pencil or using eraser. Presenting the Magic Magnetic slate to enjoy writing, learn & have fun for hours!
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Obviously, now and again we commit an errors on drawing that you buckled down, there’s a simple method to fix the progressions and re-try the things you inadvertently fix.This application assists with working on drawing pictures with multi hues and compose letters and numbers, this application causes you to create enthusiasm for painting and innovative reasoning.


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Key Features of this Application

• This application configuration makes increasingly alluring with kids

• Magic Slate drawing and composing board with multicolor

• A computerized record where you can compose, draw and clear

• It’s a free application and a disconnected application

• Kids can get the hang of drawing or composing letters in order and numbers

• Save your children drawings in your portable

• Kids can start their investigation with this astounding application

• Multiple brush sizes are accessible to pick

• Share and print your child’s craftsmanship with loved ones

• Eraser accessible to make revision

• Multicolored bed accessible to pick and draw painting

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Are magic slates still made?
Magic Slate (also known as Magic Slate paper saver) is a children’s drawing toy. It was invented by R. A. Watkins in 1923 in the United States, and has remained in production for over seven decades.
How does magic slate work?
It works by pressing a blunt stylus into a sheet of acetate that rests atop a plane of colored wax. The acetate adheres lightly to the wax when pressed and the wax’s color appears through the translucent plastic. You can then erase your creation by simply lifting up the acetate sheet.

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