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With a calculator, conceal your images, videos, and secrets. MakeSee Short


About this application

Calculator lock, also known as gallery lock, is a valuable up can securely hide photos and videos without anyone knowing. Your files will be stored in valued and accessible only after entering a number pin on the calculator. Calculator lock appears to be a regular calculator on your phone.


Calculator photos valued makes it simple to move pictures or videos from the public gallery on your phone. Its clever password and user interface ensure that your photo album is completely safe. To get the best privacy for private images and videos on your mobile devices, download the photo valued calculator right away.

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Use the calculator application icon to hide images and videos. If you value your privacy, you can import Fly files, images, and videos into a secure environment where no one can see you. This is a great experience.

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Top features

Hide images and videos.

With advanced protection, the calculator photos and videos locker application allows you to store and manage your own images, short videos, and long movies. You can organize your images and photos with ease by using folders. You can also have several videos and pictures.

Calculator videos lock calculator photo value so that only you know how great of an experience it is.

Lok stores contacts and notes in a hidden calculator lock.

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Quick Intruder

When someone tries to violate your privacy by entering the incorrect password over time, you should be able to take pictures of them.

Restore images and recordings

After hiding images and watching videos within the Bollywood app, you can use the expert icon provided in the valuable application at any time to reveal your media when needed.

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MakeSee Short
MakeSee Short


Your files are stored exclusively on your device, so before moving to a new one or performing a factory reset, please make sure that all of your hidden files are awake.

Kindly grant permission for the application to use the device in order to prevent unwanted uninstallation by third parties.


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