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Mathematics for kids is a free learning game that helps kids learn numbers and arithmetic। Toddlers and pre-K kids will enjoy many mini-games that it offers, which helps them improve their maths skills!


Teaching children maths can help preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders spot numbers and start training with addition and subtraction puzzles।

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They will enjoy playing games and earning stickers, and you will enjoy watching them grow and learn।

There are many different math children’s puzzles available that teach while your child plays, such as:

tally: This simple addition game teaches you how to count objects.

Compare – youngsters will build their tally and examination skills to check that cluster of things is larger or smaller.

Adding Puzzle: Using numbers on the screen, kids can create math problems in this entertaining minigame.

Adding Fun: Tap on the missing range and count the objects.

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Addition Quiz: Test your child’s addition and math knowledge here.

Subtraction Dictionnaire – Complete the absent symbols on the mathematical side.



Subtracting Fun: To solve the puzzle, count the objects!

Subtracting Quiz: Find out how much your child’s subtraction arithmetic skills have improved.

Children are far more likely to remember information when they are playing while they are learning. Additionally,

it creates a need in them for frequent telling, which can give them a huge boost when they start preschool.

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Along with a range of options, math children help parents track and manage their child’s development. Change the game modes to increase or decrease the difficulty, or look up the results on report cards to see how you did in earlier rounds.


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