Google map add your address, home and shop

We are aware that, as of right now, using Google Maps to find our current location just requires us to write down the address; once we do so, we can travel to any destination without difficulty. There are currently a lot of uses for Google Maps. You can add your business or place of residence at home if you would like.

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These days, a lot of people add their location to Google Maps in an attempt to boost business at their office or shop. The addition of our shop’s or office’s address to a Google Map will significantly boost our business. That Google Map is for customers who would like to visit our shop. You can use the search function to get to our shop straight away.

In order to boost business at your office or shop, we will show you today how to add your home location to a Google map. We will go over the detailed instructions for doing so.

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You must first have the Google Maps app on your phone in order to add your address to the map.

  1. The next step is to click on the location where the Google map needs to open.

2. You can use that to see where you currently are and where you would like your shop to be.

3. There, you must click the “contribute” icon to make the “+” icon appear.


4. There you will see a new option add place click on it.

5. There you will be asked to fill all the information, fill the information as requested and click

6. on submit.

There, you can include your phone number along with an image of your store or place of business.

After submitting your request and having it accepted by Google, your location will be shown on the map.

Click here Google map app

In addition to providing us with many benefits, Google Maps is a very helpful tool for finding our location.

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