how to online passport apply


The process of applying for a passport online in India can be completed through the Passport Seva Online Portal ( or the mPassport Seva App. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


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1. Registration:

  • Create an account on the Passport Seva Online Portal or download the mPassport Seva App.
  • Provide your personal details, contact information, and proof of address.
  • Choose your passport office (PSK) based on your location.

2. Application Form:

  • Select the type of passport you need (fresh, reissue, etc.).
  • Fill in the online application form carefully, ensuring all details are accurate.
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents like proof of address, proof of identity, date of birth proof, etc.
  • Review your application thoroughly before submitting it.

3. Payment:

  • Pay the necessary fees online through secure payment gateways.
  • Fees vary depending on the type of passport, processing mode (normal/tatkaal), and additional services (SMS alerts, courier, etc.).

4. Appointment Booking:

  • After successful payment, book an appointment at your chosen PSK for biometrics and document verification.
  • Select a convenient date and time slot based on your availability.

5. Visit PSK:

  • Visit your chosen PSK on the scheduled appointment date and time.
  • Carry the originals of all uploaded documents and the appointment confirmation receipt.
  • Undergo fingerprint and iris scan for biometrics verification.
  • Get your photograph clicked at the PSK.
  • Submit the original documents for verification by the PSK officials.

6. Tracking and Download:

  • Track the status of your application online using the application reference number.
  • You can download the e-passport copy once ready for printing.
  • If your application needs any further clarification or documents, you will be notified by the PSK.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Keep scanned copies of documents well-sized and in the required format.
  • Choose a convenient date and time for your PSK visit based on your schedule.
  • Review your application and documents carefully to avoid delays.

I hope this guide helps you with your online passport application process in India. For more detailed information and specific instructions, you can refer to the official Passport Seva website or app.