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Education Assistance Scheme


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શિક્ષણ સહાય યોજના



The objective of this scheme is to help two children of construction workers engaged in the construction industry from primary school to higher education (Ph.D.) to build their careers. The wife of a construction worker is also entitled to receive education assistance under this scheme from now on. (Age Limit – 30 Years)


Two children and wife of a construction worker (age limit up to 30 years)

ક્રમ ધોરણ સહાયની રકમ હોસ્ટેલ સાથે
ધોરણ ૧ થી ૪ રૂા. ૫૦૦/-
ધોરણ ૫ થી ૯ રૂા. ૧૦૦૦/-
ધોરણ ૧૦ થી ૧૨ રૂા. ૨,૦૦૦/- રૂ ૨,૫૦૦/-
આઇ.ટી.આઇ. રૂા. ૫,૦૦૦/-
પી.ટી.સી. રૂા. ૫,૦૦૦/-
ડિપ્‍લોમાં કોર્ષ રૂા. ૫,૦૦૦/- રૂ. ૭,૫૦૦/-
ડીગ્રી કોર્ષ રૂા. ૧૦,૦૦૦/- રૂ. ૧૫,૦૦૦/-
પી.જી. કોર્ષ રૂા. ૧૫,૦૦૦/- રૂ. ૨૦,૦૦૦/-
પેરા મેડીકલ, નર્સિંગ, ફાર્મસી, ફીસીયોથેરાપી, હોમીયોપેથી, આયુર્વેદ રૂા. ૧૫,૦૦૦/- રૂ. ૨૦,૦૦૦/-
મેડીકલ/એન્‍જિનીયરીંગ/ એમ.બી.એ./એમ.સી.એ./ આઇ.આઇ.ટી. રૂા. ૨૫,૦૦૦/- રૂ. ૩૦,૦૦૦/-
૧૦ પી.એચ.ડી રૂા. ૨૫૦૦૦/-


1. The benefit of this scheme will be available to the laborer from the date of registration with the Board as a construction labourer. Construction worker identity card should be renewed three years from the date of registration.

2. The construction worker has to apply in the prescribed form and within the prescribed time limit. Application has to be made within 3 months from admission in each academic year.

3. Along with the application, the proof of admission in that educational institution such as certificate of the principal of the institution or admit card has to be submitted.

4. A certificate signed by the Rector/Warden of the concerned Hostel/authorized person of the institution has to be produced in respect of hostel admission.

5. This assistance will be admissible only in respect of son/daughter of a construction worker and wife of a construction worker (age limit 30 years) admitted in an educational institution/school/college recognized by the Government.

6. Only two dependent children of construction worker and spouse of construction worker (age limit 30 years) will be eligible for assistance.

7. Construction children studying as external students from Government recognized institutes/colleges will also be eligible for educational assistance as per existing norms.

8. Children of construction workers studying in the National Institute of Open Schooling are also eligible for education assistance.

9. A student who has failed once in that academic year/semester will be eligible for this assistance for the next year/semester for the same standard/class. Of course this assistance will be limited to one trial only. A second fail in the same standard/class will not be eligible for re-aid for the same standard/class.

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1. The prescribed application form has to be applied for educational assistance within 90 days (within 3 months) from the date of commencement of the session / from the date of taking admission.

2. The registered construction laborer for obtaining financial assistance shall submit the application in Bidel form to the respective Project Manager, Gujarat Building and other Construction Labor Welfare Board of that district.

3. In the application made by the construction worker, the “Principal’s Certificate” as mentioned in the specimen application form from the school/college/institution where his children are studying in the educational institution shall be attached with the application.

Also read ધોરણ 1 થી 5ના બાળકોને વાંચતા શીખવવા માટે Google દ્વારા ખૂબ સરસ એપ. બનાવવામા આવી છે. બાળકો વાંચતા જશે તેમ ખોટુ હશે તો સામે એપ મા બોલશે.સાચુ હશે તો.બાળકોને સ્ટાર અને અભીનંદન મળશે. જેથી બાળકો કંટાળા વગર વાંચતા શીખશે.

4. If admitted in a hostel, the certificate of the concerned Rector/ Warden/ Head of the hostel should also be submitted.

5. The construction worker has to submit his application along with the principal’s certificate to the office of the above officer.

6. The Project Manager after verifying and correcting the mentioned details within 30 days of receiving the application along with his recommendation Rs. Applications above 5000/- should be sent to the head office.

7. Rs. Education assistance application below 5000/- will have to be disposed of by the project manager by convening a committee in their district.

Also read સમગ્ર ગુજરાતમાં આંખના વાયરસની બીમારી વકરી, જાણી લો લક્ષણો અને વાયરસથી કેવી રીતે બચવું , ડૉક્ટરે આપી જરૂરી ટિપ્સ.

8. Reasons for non-approval should be recorded in writing and reported to the concerned worker. The sanctioned financial assistance can be deposited in the bank or post office account of the construction worker or the beneficiary can be paid Rs. 250/- has to be paid by cash/cheque and the same has to be accessed for payment.


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